Windermere there is enough to keep you going whilst you are holidaying here, but if you fancy going for that sneaky trip shopping, you won’t be disappointed.

Windermere is home of Lakeland which specialises in luxury kitchen and homeware items, located near the train station you can’t miss it!
Windermere Information has a range of outdoor clothing and camping equipment. So don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your water proofs, or even left your tent behind, they have got you covered. You can even order online and either collect it when you arrive or have it delivered to your accommodation or home address. Click Here to order now.

Fancy picking up a unique gift to take away with you as a reminder of your holiday in Windermere, Magpie Studio located on Lake Road has those lovely gifts that nobody else will have. They have a passion of collecting and rescuing items of by gone times and the challenge of always seeking new treasures and rescuing those old unloved items. Combining this with the fantastic original art work by local artist John Mcmanus, Magpie Studio was created. Make sure you have a look on their social media here.

There a plenty of foody shops from you to choose from and locally sourced products for you to try. Booths is the main supermarket in the area which stock local products and support local farmers in the area, located just next to the train station in Windermere.

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